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WHAT IS “30k Ok?"

“30k Ok” is a newly formed guild with leadership who has been playing WoW for 4 years and seen and defeated all content in the game. “30k Ok” vision is to become an end game casual guild with good player base and strong bonds among our guild members.

For more information about us please read:


Although this is a guild website, the registration is open for all players! Even if you are not in our guild and not interested in applying, you can still register on our website!


You must be registered if you want to see all content of our sites (some limitations apply). You can create your own profile with tons of information, view and post pictures in our gallery, you can talk on the forums, post comments and you can compete in our competitions!


There are some limitation that apply to make our website more enjoyable for everyone:
  • Register with your exact ingame name!
    Example: if your ingame name is “Anänais”, then you should register as “Anänais” and not as “Ananais“ or “ananais”!
  • LVL80
    You can only register with your level 80 character. If you don’t have one, wait till you level up to 80 and then register with our website.
  • Agree with our rules
    When you register you must agree with our website rules.


  • Register on our website
    You can click on the Register link on the front page inside Login blue square or just click here.
  • Send ingame mail to: Thirtyk
    After this step you will have to wait for administrator approval. This requires ingame mail activation. What you have to do is send an ingame mail to a character named Thirtyk with a message: “30k Ok activation. “ This way we want to ensure all characters are legit and avoid any trolls. So be sure to register with your EXACT ingame name.
  • Wait for administrator approval
    All done on your side! All you have to do now is wait comfortably for administrator to read your ingame mail and activate you on the website! It usually takes a few minutes and up to an hour.
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meet leadership

  • Weyoun / guild leader envelope
  • Amonet / guild leader currently in hibernation envelope

raiding days

  • Sunday: 19:00 - 23:00 IGT
  • Monday: 19:00 - 23:00 IGT

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