Thursday Dec 03

Recruitment open!

"30k Ok" is recruiting brave soldiers to join our ranks and help us defeat enemies!


It's true! "Thirty K Ok" is in dire need of new soldiers to help us defeat the most evil of the evil! If you feel up to the challenge feel free to apply to us, but before that be sure to read our rules and requirements carefully!

Recruitment is currently open for all classes and specs! We want to get as much variety in the guild as we can, test players out and keep the best! We advise you to first get to know us a little better, browse through our site to get the feeling of what we are and if you find yourself in it don't hesitate to apply.

We are warmly welcoming any person that has special non game related talents, such as movie making, picture editing, drawing, article writing. People with any of these talents, willing to use them in our guild, have priority when it comes to choosing who to recruit.

We are also looking for people who have high interests in any ingame activity, let it be raiding, talent build making, gear choosing or anything else. In short: we are looking for people who know and understand the WoW gameplay mechanics. We are offering such people officer positions after they've proven to us that they're worthy to get them.

After you've made the application it will take us about a week to process it and decide about it. We will email you our decision, so be sure to apply with an email address you use on a daily basis. Do not spam our guild leader or recruitment officer ingame too much, since they will be busy with everyone's application, not just your own. Use common sense with it. But if you have any non application related questions we encourage you to use our forums and ask it there, or whisper us ingame.

Be sure to read:

I wish you good luck!
Amonet / guild leader
Weyoun / recruitment officer

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