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  • Amonet / guild leader currently in hibernation

If you still haven't found an answer to a question you have after thoroughly reading our website, please post a question on our forums or talk to our guild spokesperson ingame (Weyoun).

Hello there! We are happy you are taking an interest in reading this section. First let me say some words about "Thirty K Ok" beginnings.

My love for MMOs started roughly 4 years ago, when I started playing Guild wars. Guild wars was considered back then the most innovative MMO, won several awards and was one of the first MMOs to enter Electronic Sports League. I fell in love with their PvP system and was playing hardcore (NO IWAY!). I was invited in one of the best PvP guilds in the game: Thirty K Ok! I was playing with them until I started playing WoW and I must say, the people I met there were the nicest, the most lovable bunch of players I ever met so far! Therefore I decided to make this website as a tribute to “Thirty K Ok” guild from Guild wars.

Supposedly the story about the name goes like this...
Guild Wars has many similarities with WoW. People like to group in the cities to go around on their business,  to socialize or simply to just pose looking pretty. ^_^ Imagine yourself doing that, when you’re suddenly interrupted by an opening trading window. You wait a bit to see what’s going on. The other player starts to put in some random items, usually items you don’t even need. You ask what is this about and the answer you get is: “Thirty K Ok?” You feel confused about what his intentions are, maybe he has mistaken you for a buyer he was looking or something, so you ask him about it again. And the answer you get again is simply: “Thirty K Ok??”
People doing this were actually Chinese farmers, trying to sell their goods around in their own way. :P

The core players of Thirty K Ok have been playing the game together for about 4 years. We started as alliance, yes alliance! My first character was a night elf druid, I got disappointed with it when I got the animal form and deleted it. After that I made a night elf priest and got hooked!

Our guild officer played in one of the best guilds worldwide back then: Havana Room. When they disbanded we switched realms, trying to look for a perfect one. In the meantime we made 2 successful guilds who were both among the top hardcore guilds on realm. When TBC came out some of our members decided to reroll horde and we went along with it. So I leveled up a blood elf priest and loved it ever since! We decided to quit raiding and focus more on the PvP. After I got bored of PvP I decided to try raiding again, but I was sick about the idea to make yet another guild. So one day when I was PvPing around in AV, I got attacked by some alliance and was about ready to die, a priest helped me out and saved my life! I was surprised about  that and I checked his name. I saw he was from a guild called “iO”. The name sounded nice so I checked what realm they were on. We were fed up with our current realm; there were practically no PvE guilds so we decided to transfer to Twisting Nether. I applied to iO and that was the only guild I was in on this realm.

After I left iO I was undecided about where to apply to and after a long consideration I decided to make my own guild yet again. I wanted to create a nice and safe environment for players to enjoy each other company, to have fun and rock the game! I tried to stay loyal to the vibe and outlook we had in Thirty K Ok guild from Guild wars. I hope you like it! Wink

I would like to thank all the players from Thirty K Ok who greatly inspired me, to name just a few (alphabetical order): Ayana, Bacon, Clareice, Frozen, Maegwina, Saray, Secret, Roidz, Wannabe and others! Happy times!

Thank you for reading!

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