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Website rules

These rules apply for any registered member, including "30k Ok" guild members!

First of all let me personally welcome you to “30k Ok” forum! I would like to ask you to take a few minutes of your time and read through these rules carefully.
We have high standards for the discussions that will take place on our forum and we believe strongly in them. If you feel  our rules are unimportant or unnecessary, we don’t really care.

Website rules image

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE RULES APPLY FOR ALL SECTIONS OF THE "30k Ok" WEBPAGE, including forum, comments and personal messages!

  • Register with your exact ingame name!
    Example: if your ingame name is “Anänais”, then you should register as “Anänais” and not as “Ananais“ or “ananais”!
  • Do not use offensive or annoying avatars!
    Choose an avatar that goes well either with your personality or with your ingame character!
  • Do not use big or annoying signatures!
    Keep it simple so it doesn’t corrupt the outlay of our forum! Also we will not tolerate any offensive signatures!
  • English only!
    We communicate on our forums strictly in proper English!
  • Communicate clearly, so everyone can understand you!
    Use proper punctuation and capitalization.
    When you are explaining something use every means necessary to make yourself clear. You can insert images, links, html code, video stream and similar. Keep an eye on our forum outlay and set your post in a way that doesn’t corrupt it!
  • No spamming
    Do not start topics that are unimportant all over the forum. That is considered a spam and all unimportant messages will be moved to a proper section or deleted.
    I believe I don’t have to point out that you will be instantly removed from the forums if you spam »dirge« or »anal« jokes.
  • Do no quote a huge block of text!
    Try to pick out what you really want to respond to and quote only that line or several lines!
  • No trash talking
    We will not tolerate any trash talking! Trash talk includes: sexist, racist, offensive talk or jokes, cursing, “noob”calling, “balls breaking”, toilet humor, etc.
  • No leet talk
    Try to avoid all the “leet” talk since not all people can understand what you’re actually trying to say.
  • No noob calling
    Be nice and helpful to all newcomers to WoW. Remember that we were all newcomers once too.
  • No drama, flame baits & trolling
    When a debate gets heated try to stay objective when replying, more importantly don't get yourself be lured into one in the first place. Use common sense with this and if you don't find any way to avoid it, talk to the forum administrator! Don't use offensive language, and don't be confrontational for the sake of confrontation.

Black dots banner

More dots! More dots! C'mon MORE DOTS!!! I can still clearly hear Dives yelling it in Onyxia wipe movie!
In our case though more dots = bad! Try to dodge them, parry them, vanish, fade, whatever you must do to avoid them!

If you break forum rules, you will be penalized with 1 or more black dots, depending on the severity of your action. If you keep breaking our forum rules the proper action will be taken:

Black dotBlack dotBlack dot 3 black dots - 1 day ban
Black dotBlack dotBlack dotBlack dotBlack dot 5 black dots - 3 days ban
Black dotBlack dotBlack dotBlack dotBlack dotBlack dotBlack dotBlack dotBlack dotBlack dot 10 black dots - permanent ban and guild removal

Thank you for reading and enjoy our forum!

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  • Monday: 19:00 - 23:00 IGT

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