Thursday Dec 02

“Thirty K Ok” is BACK!

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"Thirty K Ok" is BACK!

30k is BACK! Hello friends, Thirty K Ok is back. After being frozen for a year we decided it is time to reopen the guild.


As the Lich King bites the dust and new evil is awoken, we felt an urgent need to come back and sort things right! As Blizzard did a great job on reviving Azeroth and added more fun to the game there was no choice left but to experience that rich lore once more with a feeling. Many players asked us about revival of the guild and told us they miss it. So we stuck our heads together and planed the future goals. We will conquer Cataclysm at start with 10-14 members. Who to invite was very hard to “decide”. First invitations went to those who stayed in touch and asked a lot about the guild during the year. Then we had to check our calendars and check who can actually play on those two raiding evenings. In the end we came to a conclusion that if we are about to increase the raid size to 25man, then all ex guild embers will get a priority to be accepted back. The guild structure has not changed much, except now we recruited more help to run the guild. Now there is a lot to do so lets not waste any time! Prepare for battle!

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Puffen  - Hey 30k!   | Registered | 2011-01-06 18:55:33 | {voting}
avatar Just wanted to say my greetings to all and good luck on raiding!

Boethia   | Registered | 2011-01-26 20:57:58 | {voting}
avatar What a good news!
Weyoun  - re :)   | Author | 2011-03-12 16:53:47 | {voting}
avatar Thanks Boethia and Puffen! We are all very busy with RL activities so
we can't update the website but in the future we hope it will be better :)

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