Monday Jan 18

Ulduar 10: Rusted Proto-Drakes Incoming!


Ulduar 10: Rusted Proto-Drakes Incoming!

Not only we looked upon the true face of death, we spanked it aswell! Hard!

Good job everyone on [One Light in the Darkness (10 player)] and congrats on your new [Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake]!


Today we had to cancel our TotGC 25 raid since some people decided it's just too scary to attend to, so we decided to venture into Ulduar 10 and give a shot at Yogg + 1 keeper up before the tomorrow's reset to get the last achievement needed to complete [Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player)].

What we actually ended up doing was listening to different variations of Lady Gaga - Pokerface song! Cartman rox it, but seriously, you can't beat Christopher Walken at it!

Concerning the fight: our build was really weird: 3 healers, NO shaman for bloodlust but we said what the hell, lets do it for the fun! Holytentacle, was I surprised when we entered phase 3, everyone still alive and pretty good on sanity aswell. Hidden won "The lowest sanity" contest with only 3 left! Woosh!

Thanks to everyone who were able to gathered enough strenght to finally properly spank Yogg-Saron: Hidden, Gunnah, Kenshou, Isithixo, Necriaa, Puffén, Ravenhéart, Twistedpunk, Weyoun! Awesome job you guys! BTW: you gotta admit, the music rocked! Mum mum mum mah! Cool

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Ravenhéart  - The Drakes   | Registered | 2009-11-04 04:42:26 | {voting}
avatar I had about 5 Sanity xD so we we're dpsing the boss with our backs to the boss
:P beat that! and you typo'd my name Amonet the picture looks
awesome though.

Enjoy your drakes everyone!

PS.: pa-pa-pa-pa-poker face
pa-pa-poker face!
Weyoun  - Sweet   | Author | 2009-11-04 17:24:55 | {voting}
avatar Congrats guys:) It was a fun fight and nobody was sleeping

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