Monday Sep 27

TotGC 25: Northrend beasts HC have been defeated!

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TotGC 25: Northrend beasts HC have been defeated!

Kill or be killed, champions?! Pfff, we killed!

Hailing from the deepest, darkest places of Azeroth here come the true terror feared by all! Thirty K Ok vs. Northrend beasts = 1 : 0! Good job everyone!


So after a few nights of wiping and a few canceled TotGC 25 raids (OMG, too scary! These beasts will hunt me at night in my bed! In a bad way as well!) we managed to kill them tonight!

We decided to use the "Northrend beasts 25 HC for dummies" tactics and apparently this worked way better then I would ever imagine: just follow the pet "retard" around = win (blame Woodward, he came up with that name for the pet)! Easy mode! Smile

Again good job guys, especially the trialists who were there for the first time! We did it again! Cool

Note the "pet retards" and the dancing bear!

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Starhope  - Dancing Bear!:D   | Registered | 2009-11-06 02:23:20 | {voting}
avatar Nice work guys, We did it! (But Not Without The Dancing Bear!)
Weyoun  - YAY   | Author | 2009-11-06 02:26:38 | {voting}
avatar About time to be honest! Very good tactic saved our asses.
Ravenhéart   | Registered | 2009-11-06 06:15:21 | {voting}
avatar Looking foward for Jaraxxus and Faction Champions to be honest.
Hellreds   | Registered | 2009-11-06 13:17:28 | {voting}
avatar We finaly did it, I knew we would kill him soon, it was just a matter
of perfecting our movements and timing, and we did that tonight. It was an
awesome night with superb dpsing, healing, tanking. We have proved that if u
work as a team we can achieve anything, and just follow those smooth tactics,
and follow those pet 'retard' around, lol.

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