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Cataclysm Guild Progress

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"Thirty K Ok" Cataclysm progress!

Some short info on our current progress. A while ago we cleared all normal Cataclysm raid content and we are preparing for the future!



Hello everyone,

first we need to apologize that we are not updating our website regularly. We are all very busy in considering that some of us find only two days for the game says it all. But nevertheless I can refresh the last few months since we are raiding again.

We started raiding in Cataclysm by the end of January 2011. Before we had to level up and a lot of us did not had a lot of time to play, and when we do, we like to “smell the roses” and experience the leveling up fun

But nevertheless we managed to start raiding and had a decent progress at start but then we lost three healers (due to RL stuff and one being an elitist) and we just could not get new players for almost four weeks. After that we got two new healers and Roy (our tank) had to switch to healing since new tank (Linus) joined so we could go back to proper raiding. We were almost back on track, except for the final bosses we lacked some gear. So we farmed the gear for our healers, gave a serious try on Neferian and killed him the second raiding night in the beginning of May. Keep in mind that we raid only two days per week and we had a total set back of two months because of the recruitment problems. But we kept it positive and moved forward.

So far we are happy with the overall Cataclysm experience and we managed to balance our team work. Thanks guys you are all amazing and I am proud of you all. Also big thanks to Amonet who is sadly not playing with us but she supported us and kicked our buts once or twice.

Yours Weyoun and happy gaming to all.

Neferian Kill

Neferian was a lot of fun! You remember such fight!

Al'Akir Kill

Probably one of the best fights in the Cataclysm. Al'Akir bites the dust.

Neferian Kill Party

After hard work everyone needs to relax and celebrate the success! Good job guys!



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mtfuji  - !   | Registered | 2011-06-07 03:00:02 | {voting}
avatar Good job everyone, im looking forward to alot more progress!

(btw, awesome smilies :D)

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